10 Best Slides for Men – Stylish Sandals For 2023

While previously dominated by fathers in socks, the best slides for men are breaking into the mainstream fashion world. These days, men’s slides go beyond dad-core and can be seen far and wide, from the sidelines of sports fields, tucked under lounge chairs, and even traversing the big city streets.

That’s right, men’s slides can be worn anywhere these days. Comfortable, practical, and, dare I say, fashionable? Slides are here to stay, and with endless options on the market, there are plenty of stylish options to consider.

We’ve rounded up the ten best slides for men to help you lean into the trend instead of following in your dad’s dorky footsteps. Keep reading to discover all you need to know.

Key Takeaways

Our top pick is the  Oliver Cabell Vegan Slides, which come in multiple colorways and feature a plush strap that will make these shoes your new go-tos.

Since they are slightly pricey, some budget-friendly options are the Crocs Classic Slide Sandals or The North Face Base Camp Slides, both of which are dependable picks if you’re looking for something less expensive. Have your eyes set on luxury? Nothing says “I have expendable income” like a pair of Gucci Slides.

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Oliver Cabell Vegan Slides

These days everyone and their father has a pair of slip-ons, but these are a unique spin on classic footwear. One of the reasons we love these shoes is because of their ease of wear. Pair them with graphic tees and jeans or shorts: an unbeatable outfit every time.

Made thoughtfully from recycled material, these men’s slides will be your next warm-weather staple. Wear them to the pool, around the house, or even *shudders* with socks. No matter where you’re going, these slides for men are coming with ya.

Material: Vegan Corn Strap, Rubber Sole | Sizes: 6 – 15 | Colors: 7

Myrqvist Solvik Slides

When most people think of the best slides for men, leather is rarely at the forefront of the mind. However, the Solvik sandals from Myrqvist are a smart option for men seeking a more sophisticated style than the classic rubber construction.

Similar to Birkenstocks with a cork footbed, these men’s slides are a cut above the rest. The crossed strap design gives them a sleek look, making them easy to pair with summer denim, men’s shorts, or resort wear. These are a great substitute for dress sneakers or even leather sneakers during warmer months.

Material: Leather Strap, Suede & Cork Sole | Sizes: 6.5 – 12 | Colors: 3

Tropicfeel Havasu Core Slides

If you prefer a flip-flop style as opposed to the standard single strap slide, you can’t go wrong with the Havasu shoes from Tropicfeel. As a company, Tropicfeel is a huge innovator, always utilizing eco-friendly materials and playing with fun designs (their casual sneakers for men are top-tier).

These men’s slides are a great example considering they’re made from twenty percent algae with a textured footbed. Totally waterproof, these shoes are awesome on the boat, beach, or taking on adventures. Wearers frequently rave that these are the most comfortable flip flops known to man, so if you’re on the hunt for the best slides, these are top contenders.

Material: Rubber, Algae | Sizes: 6 – 12 | Colors: 3

Crocs Classic Slide Sandals

Crocs get a bad rep, but in my honest opinion, it’s unfounded. I mean, these slides aren’t half bad looking, and they’re probably the most comfortable (and affordable) on this list. Plus, with a whopping twenty-seven colors to choose from, they make it easy to express your personal style. Throw on some Jibbitz charms and take the customization a step further.

The thing about Crocs is people get hung up on how they look, but anyone who has worn them can attest to the fact they’re supremely practical. These are the best slides for men material-wise, considering the iconic Croslite material can handle anything, and the beads on the sole have a massaging effect. Wear them in the water at the beach or around the house. Before you know it, you’ll even be wearing them to run errands.

Material: Croslite | Sizes: 2 – 15 | Colors: 27

The North Face Base Camp Slide III

Great for outdoor enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike, these boast a range of colors and a super comfortable fit. North Face is well known for dependable gear, and these men’s slides are no exception.

The main highlight of these slides for men is the added treads on the soles. While most slides feature slick bottoms, these have plenty of grip, ensuring you stay upright even while wearing them on sketchy terrain.

Material: TPU strap, EVA foam sole | Sizes: 6 – 14 | Colors: 22

Birkenstock Arizona Slides

Few sandals have survived the passage of time, but somehow, Birkenstocks have made it to the twenty-first century unscathed. First released in the early 1970s, Birkenstock Arizonas are some of the most instantly recognizable shoes. If you need a break from the rubber pool style, these offer a sturdy leather construction and a huge range of colorways to choose from.

Birkenstocks can easily last for ten-plus years, making them a worthy investment for any guys looking to upgrade their summer footwear rotation. With a roomy sole and a cushioned footbed, they’re a solid choice for wider feet and just a timeless style in general. They’re also one of the few pairs of slides that look good with jeans, so if this is your MO, go with Birks.

Material: Leather Strap, Cork Sole | Sizes: 3 – 17 | Colors: 100+

Adidas Adilette Adjustable Slides

It’s hard to think of the best slides for men without considering the iconic Adidas style. These bad boys were around even before the Gucci slides, and just about everyone has owned a pair throughout their lives.

Worn after workouts, as shower shoes, or around the pool, Adidas makes some of the best slides for men, especially if you’re seeking an adjustable pair that can mold your individual foot. Since they’re budget friendly and contoured for added comfort, you can never go wrong.

Material: Synthetic Strap, EVA Foam Sole | Sizes: 4- 18 | Colors: 8

Axel Arigato Magma Sandal

The bulky Yeezy foam slides took the world by storm a few years ago, and ever since, brands have been cranking out their own renditions. Our current favorite is the Magma Sandal by streetwear brand Axel Arigato.

Sticking to the oversized silhouette, these chunky slides for men have an abundance of added cushioning and side vents to ensure no water or outside elements get stuck against your feet. Finished with decent treads and a branded sole, these slides for men will be the talking point of any outfit. Wear them with plain t-shirts and your favorite joggers to help them stand out.

Material: Bio-based EVA Foam | Sizes: 7 – 13 | Colors: 3

Gucci Web Rubber Slide Sandal

This pair of Gucci shoes arguably put men’s slides at the center of the fashion world. Beloved by celebrities and featured in more rap songs than one can count, these shoes scream, “I’m rich.” Which makes sense, considering they’re several hundred dollars.

Like most of the best slides for men, this Gucci rendition is made from rubber and outfitted with the brand’s classic red and green stripes. The molded footbed makes them comfortable right out of the box, but the brand recommends keeping them away from water and direct sunlight to make your investment last longer. They won’t replace your dress shoes, but these are a top option for luxury slides.

Material: Rubber | Sizes: 5 – 14 | Colors: 2

Suicoke + Carhartt WIP Slides

While most of the best slides for men have a dorky socks with sandals connotation, these cool shoes are distinctly fashionable. A unique collaboration between Japanese brand Suicoke and Carhartt WIP, these men’s slides scream streetwear, with canvas and corduroy straps and a mellow brown colorway.

Suicoke is known for practical footwear, and fusing their craftsmanship with Carhartt WIP’s stylish vision, these shoes can easily be worn beyond the pool. Pair them with utility clothing or your favorite pair of Dickies pants. You’ll be turning heads everywhere you rock these bad boys.

Material: Canvas & Corduroy Straps, Rubber Soles | Sizes: 6 – 12 | Colors: 1

wearing slides with socks
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What to Look for in the Best Slides for Men


When picking out the best slides for men, style is a top consideration because this impacts how the shoe looks as a whole. Most men’s slides have a single strap across the footbed, making them easy to “slide” on and off. However, you can also choose from adjustable straps, like on the classic Adidas Adilette Slides, or a crisscross strap, shown on the Myrqvist Solvik Slides. There are even slides that have a flip-flop style if that’s more your cup of tea.

Style boils down to personal preference, but it also determines where you can wear them. Classic slides are best reserved for the locker room or the pool, while styles like Birkenstocks can easily be worn out on the town.


Most slides for men are made from rubber, like the Gucci or Adidas slides. But many companies are pumping out slides made from all sorts of materials these days, ranging from soft foam to rigid leather.

Overall, rubber slides can be worn right out of the box and will be comfortable straight away, but it’s best reserved for informal wear. Pair rubber slides with basketball shorts or swim trunks.

Slides featuring materials like leather or canvas may have a brief break-in period and can easily be worn as your new go-to summer shoes. You can wear leather slides with a range of outfits, from breezy linen pants to your favorite jeans.


Finally, consider the fit because there’s no use in buying slides that will squeeze your toes to death.

The good news is that most of the best slides for men accommodate a wider foot, with malleable materials and plenty of give. Many men’s slides actually form to your individual foot over time, providing you with a custom fit you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s worth keeping in mind that most slides for men come in full sizes, so if you wear a half size, consider sizing up to give yourself a little more room.

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Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the best slides for men depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to stick to the tried and true form, opt for the Oliver Cabell Vegan Slides, which have a classic slide silhouette made from high-end materials for a sleek look. Though if you’d rather stick with an iconic model, you can never go wrong with the Adidas Adilettes or the splurge-worthy Gucci Slides.


    • Slides look good on men so long as you take proper care of your feet (ahem, toenails) and pair them with suitable clothing like gym shorts or sweats. If you’re rocking a nicer pair of leather slides for men, you’ll have an easier time looking good in them.

        • When worn in moderation, slides are totally fine for your feet. However, you may start to develop callouses from the friction of wearing slides and, in more serious cases, issues with your knees and back due to lack of support from the shoe. All of this is to say: enjoy wearing your slides but remember to throw on a pair of sneakers for longer journeys.

          • Anyone can wear slides with jeans. But to look good while wearing slides with jeans, opt for a sleek leather option like the Myrqvist Solvik Slides or even Birkenstocks. These styles look much better with street clothes than plain rubber slides.

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