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AI art generators are usually based on the working principle of producing images within just a few seconds by using text prompts. It is highly useful for fun activities and even for original images you might require for business purposes. However, selecting the ideal AI art generator can be quite difficult for you but worry not; through this article, we will take you through the top AI art generators.

AI has revolutionised everything around us. It is a huge boost for graphic designers who find it very useful when experiencing difficulty finding inspiration and ideas for their art. These applications also prevent copyright issues as the user can generate customised images without any preliminary digital knowledge.

The latest AI art generators are highly advanced and will take charge of changing the way we see and create art in the future. With this software, you can develop abstract art, landscapes and portraits. Moreover, you can follow a pattern in your art or be inspired by your favourite artist.

In the following section, we have discussed each AI Art Generator in detail, highlighting their top features. Check them out to select the best one for you.

AI Art Generator Tools


DALL-E 2 is the most reputed AI art generator for all the right reasons. With its upgraded AI technology, it can create approvingly realistic pictures with just a few clicks. This tool can develop new business ideas within a short time frame with its design products and illustrations.

It features an interactive and convenient interface which is easy to understand and highly suitable for beginners. Apart from generating high-quality pictures, it also allows the user to make the required modifications by incorporating details into the final product.

Top Features

  • DALL-E 2 enables users to create customised multi-layer pictures.
  • They remain at the top of their game by producing realistic images.
  • This application allows one to create illustrations for prospective business ideas.
  • They also facilitate the creation of design products.


  • DALL-E 2 charges the user based on the resolution of the image. For 256 X 256 resolution images, they charge $0.016 per image, while for 512 X 512 resolution, they charge $0.018 per image. Finally, for 1024 X 1024 resolution, they charge $0.02 per image. You can also get a free trial with this tool but the user needs to be invited to do so.

2. Dream by WOMBO

Dream as an AI image generator found recognition as the best overall app in 2022’s Google Play Awards. This tool allows the user to generate art with quick prompt input which is simple and easy to get started with. This app gives several options in styles like ink, fanatical, abstract, comic, expressionism, realistic and more.

This app has a simple interface and is available in a free mobile version. It provides different versions for desktop and mobile operations.

Top Features

  • Awarded as the best overall app by the Google Play store.
  • This app offers different desktop and mobile versions.
  • It produces images featuring realistic renditions.
  • The brand offers free access for a limited time.


  • There is a free version of the app available on both desktop and mobile. For the premium version, you can avail of one of the three options. They offer monthly subscriptions at $10, yearly subscriptions at $90 and lifetime subscriptions at $170.

3. Craiyon

Formerly called DALL-E(mini), Craiyon is an image generation tool which creates images based on texts with the help of AI. The working of this application is quite unique as they offer 9 different options for the text that you have entered.

As it makes use of a huge amount of computation, Craiyon depends on donations and advertising for funding the servers. You can use the app for personal benefits but make sure that you comply with the terms and conditions listed for it.

Top Features

  • This app produces 9 images at one time in a creative and fun way.
  • Craiyon does not require any sign-up or registration.
  • It can generate unlimited AI pictures for free.
  • It features an easy-to-use interface.


  • It is a free application and allows you to produce as many AI-generated images as you want.


This is the newest product of Unite.AI which is known to produce well-known AI-enabled applications. Images.AI incorporates Stable Diffusion technology to produce high-quality images. The team is constantly working to improve the application’s algorithm and make it a leading name in the list.

Most of the AI art generators use the same technology but charge a hefty amount for it. But, with this one, you would not need any sign-up or subscription. The working is quite simple as you just need to go to the site, explain the image, select the size among three options (portrait, landscape and square) and click on the brew button.

Top Features

  • This application generates memes with the help of images.
  • There are 3 different size options.
  • AI features a simple interface.
  • It allows you to set up the profile and customise your gallery.


  • Images.AI does not require any kind of registration or sign-up. It is a free app allowing users to generate images with just a few clicks.

5. Nightcafe

This is also a popular option when talking about AI art generators. It features several options and algorithms, making it a safe option for people just getting started. The user just needs to fill in a text-based on inspiration or imagination, and the image will be generated in just 30 seconds.

Nightcafe’s unique credit system allows users to participate in several activities and earn credits accordingly. This enables the user to create images based on the credits too. It also allows the users to buy credits for image production.

Top Features

  • This tool can also generate videos along with images.
  • Nightcafe features practical social features.
  • The user can claim ownership of their art.
  • The tool features several extra algorithms compared to other AI image-generation tools.


  • This application allows one to earn credits through several activities and use them for image generation. The user can also buy credits, and the app offers several options for it. It charges $4.79 for 100 credits per month, $7.99 for 200 credits per month, $15.99 for 500 credits per month and $39.99 for 1400 credits per month.

6. Starry AI

This AI art generator can transform your ideas into NFT art. It gives the user ownership of the images, like most other apps in the market. Therefore, these images can be used by you for commercial or personal purposes.

The USP of this AI art generation tool is that it is free and offers one of the best pictures among all the free apps. On top of that, it does not need any input from the user and can generate images with ML algorithms. The technology of this app is always evolving, but there are some superb examples of the images from this app.

Top Features

  • This is a free NFT generator.
  • Starry AI does not require any input from the user.
  • It is an instant picture generator.
  • It converts text to images.


  • This is a free AI art generator which can produce NFT art.

7. Stablecog

This features a simple and easy interface which enables the user to generate images by feeding the text prompt in understandable language. It is enabled by Artificial Intelligence technology.

The images generated through the application are pretty decent, but the runtime to generate the images is much higher than the other applications.

Top Features

  • This app has a sleek UI.
  • Stablecog offers several AI art styles to choose from.
  • It has different size options.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is free software, and the user does not need to log in or subscribe to use it. Beside this option, the premium option is priced at $10, which enables you to unlock some extra size options.

8. DeepAI

This is among the first AI apps developed for image generation and has been around since 2016. It was developed as open-source software and creates as many pictures as you wish, with each picture being unique and different.

DeepAI enables the user to customise the images and alter the texture, colour and details. You can also create vector resolution-independent pictures almost instantly. It is a free tool that does not require downloading the app and also enables multitasking.

Top Features

  • DeepAI is open-source software.
  • This tool produces four images for one cue.
  • It allows alteration of several details for each picture.
  • This application creates cartoons with the help of Cartoon GAN.


  • DeepAI is a great tool for beginners as it is free and people can experiment with it. This tool encourages people to make room for their imagination without any baggage or guilt.

9. Fotor

If you are looking for a one-stop photo editor, Fotor is the all-in-one solution which creates images in a few seconds. The working of the tool is simple where you just need to feed your ideas which curate an image based on it. It offers various styles to choose from like anime, 3D, random and much more.

The easy text-to-art generation is simple and perfect for beginners without AI experience. You just need to follow a few steps to get the desired result. First, you start by filling in the text and choosing the effect. The best part is you can keep generating the image until you get your perfect result. Every day, the tool adds credits to your account, allowing you to generate premium-quality AI images for free.

Top Features

  • Fotor offers 9 conversion styles to choose from.
  • It features 9 lighting effects which allow the user to choose the best for them.
  • Further, it enables one to choose from 6 compositions.
  • There are two conversion modes: text-to-image and image-to-image.


  • Fotor is a free app which allows generating 10 pictures for free. However, if you want a premium version, it costs $4.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

10. Pixray

This adaptable text-to-image AI-enabled generator can work as a PC application, browser website, and API. With a straightforward and elegant interface, it makes customisation for images and is perfect for the use of tech-friendly people.

After the tool forms a picture based on the text prompt, you can change the details by going to the settings. You can convert the images into a video or choose from different styles in the settings section. It also allows you to be more creative and try several other tools.

Top Features

  • Pixray is the ideal application for pixelated art generation.
  • It can produce GAN images, filter images and line-sketch images.
  • This app allows customising the quality of the images.
  • It is a high-speed software.


  • Pixray is a free tool enabling users to enjoy the services without login or subscription.


VQGAN + CLIP is a Python-enabled Google Colab notebook which is open and simple for users to understand. This promotes the software among people inclined to artistic abilities. You just need to log into the link and enter your text prompt, then click Runtime->Run All or Ctrl+F9.

This software iterates on the design progressively and then generate the AI-enabled images. This helps the application to generate either really amazing results or rather questionable ones; there is no in-between.

Top Features

  • Python-enabled Google Colab software.
  • The easy operation makes it suitable for beginners.
  • The software iterates each image progressively.
  • It is freeware.


  • If you are not sure about your interest in AI-generated images and just starting out, this is the perfect application for you as it is free, and you do not need to subscribe to anything to enjoy the services,

12. Midjourney

Midjourney offers top-quality and crystal-clear pictures at all times, giving the users a hard time believing that they are AI-generated based on a text prompt. This software is so enhanced that it is credited with award-winning images.

It is quite simple to use this app. For signing in, you need to look for the site and log into the beta version through Discord. One of the best parts of this app is that you can see other people’s creations through the Discord group chat.

Top Features

  • This app uses Discord for convenience.
  • Midjourney produces one of the highest-quality pictures.
  • It can generate pictures for several purposes.
  • This tool features an easy interface.


  • There are two pricing options for the Midjourney app. The first is the basic plan which is priced at $10 per month and then the premium version is priced at $30 per month.

Final Word

The AI art generators are not all about the algorithms or the tools but largely depend on the text prompts provided by the user as inputs. To get better results, make sure that the input is accurate and descriptive. You can upskill your input design techniques if you practice regularly.

  • If you are here for recommendations, we have listed our favourites. The best overall is the DALL-E 2 by OPENAI. It can create multi-layer images and also illustrations.
  • The close second is Dream by WOMBO. It was awarded the best overall app by Google Play Store in 2022 and provides different versions for mobile and desktop.
  • The third on the list is the Craiyon. This app can generate 9 images at once in a fun and creative way and features a simple interface.
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