9 Best Temporary Tattoos – Long Lasting Options for 2023

The best temporary tattoos are like a fling. They’re fun, fleeting, and over before anybody gets hurt. A temporary tattoo gives you a taste without the lifelong commitment and pain it takes (sometimes even with numbing cream) to get the real thing. But if you’re debating something more permanent, a temporary tattoo is the perfect test run. Fake tattoos that look real let you play with various placements and designs and fade away within days.

Temporary tattoos of today are nothing like the lick-and-stick versions from childhood. They’re intricate, modern, and look startlingly realistic. With the proper care, some semi-permanent tattoos can last up to two weeks. My parents would’ve flipped.

From small, delicate designs to large, full-sleeve designs, there is a lot to choose from in terms of the best temporary tattoos. Luckily, all the searching has been done for you. The top 7 temporary tattoos are just a scroll away.

Key Takeaways 

Like the best temporary tattoos, Inkbox has beautiful, detailed designs made by real artists that can last up to two full weeks on the skin.

For thousands of design options to choose from, Momentary Ink is another great option. If a sleeve is what you’re after, Pinone makes awesome designs for arms and legs.

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Inkbox Human Atlas Temporary Tattoos

When I first saw an Inkbox tattoo, I was blown away. It was so intricate and beautiful, which made sense once I learned they’re designed by real artists. You can expect classic designs typically chosen by men, like swords, roses, and animals, but they all have an extra artistic flair. I love that they also have lots of smaller tattoos that are perfect for hands. Custom options are available, too.

And it’s not just looks that make them the best. Inkbox has the most long-lasting temporary tattoos. Unlike other brands that apply in seconds, you have to leave this one on for an hour. Over the next 24-36 hours, the ink penetrates the collagen and protein in your skin and darkens to really set in (the ink is vegan and cruelty-free). Each tattoo comes with a chart to describe how long it will last. Many stick around for up to two weeks.

Simply exfoliate for easy removal, but the tattoo will fade as your skin naturally regenerates.

Tip: Avoid showering or sweating six hours after applying, and wear loose clothing to bed on the first night to prevent the tattoo from imprinting on another part of your body or your bedsheets.

Lasts: Up to 2 Weeks | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes

bottles of freehand temporary ink

As someone who loves to express my unique style and personality, turning to Inkbox’s Freehand Ink Temporary Tattoo kit was a no-brainer when looking for a way to experiment before committing to a tattoo (much more affordable too). 

With a variety of black ink pens and stencils included in the full kit (this option is only the pen’s – perfect for the confident free-spirit), I was able to let my creativity shine and design my own tattoo. 

To my surprise, the application was easy, and the quality of the final product was impressive. The ink is waterproof, boasting 1-2 weeks of wear but isn’t safe for your face, neck or intimate areas, so get wild but not too wild.

Lasts: 1-2 Weeks | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes | Cruelty-FreeYes

box of henna

Henna has long been a staple in the world of men’s grooming and body art. It’s a natural dye, made from the leaves of the henna plant, and can be used to create intricate and beautiful designs on the skin. Unlike other temporary tattoo options, henna is a paste that you pipe onto the skin and leave to dry (tip: the longer you leave it to dry the darker it becomes), it will also darken over the first 24 hours. While this option is not completely mess-free it is the best organic option. 

Not only does henna provide a temporary tattoo experience that is both painless and non-permanent, but it is also a safe and natural alternative to chemical-based dyes and inks.

Lasts: 1-2 Weeks | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes | Cruelty-FreeYes

Momentary Ink Diving Eagle Temporary Tattoo

Momentary Ink is similar to Inkbox in terms of intricacy. What sets it apart is the ability to choose from temporary tattoos that last 3-7 days and semi-permanent tattoos that last up to two weeks.

They have birds, flowers, and zodiac, but they also have quotes, such as a simple “Believe” and even Arabic letters (not translated, so proceed with caution). Naturally, a high level of detail comes at a price, and some single tattoos exceed $20.

However, with free reign in custom design and over 3,000 existing styles to choose from, they’ll probably have just the tattoo you’re looking for. This makes it perfect for trying out a tat before you get the real thing. And it’s safe, too. Momentary Ink uses only cosmetic-grade inks and FDA-certified colorants.

Lasts: 2-14 Days | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes

Cargen Classic Temporary Tattoos

The best temporary tattoos don’t have to be thin-lined modern designs. What drew me to Cargen was the nostalgia aspect. In terms of style, this 9-sheet tattoo set is giving old-school vintage vibes with hearts, swords, and roses. It definitely has a beatnik flair but also works for a pirate or sailor Halloween costume like a charm. The thick, dark lines are very realistic-looking.

A typical temporary tattoo from this collection should last anywhere from 3-5 days with proper care. However, some reviewers say they can last up to two weeks on legs, which is pretty sweet. A frequently used and touched area like your hands and neck usually fades faster.

Lasts: 3-5 Days | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes

Zomme Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Next to a full sleeve, Zomme temporary tattoos are probably the most badass. It comes with a whopping 62 sheets, but many of the tattoos are big. They look awesome on the chest, arms, and shoulders. While the style doesn’t feel very original, and I’m not crazy about the design aesthetic, they are well done and highly detailed. Expect lots of wolves, skulls, symbols, and even some florals.

For the tattoo to last, it’s best if you don’t place them in an area where the skin creases. They work best on clean skin, but make sure the area is totally dry before applying. Give it a good 10 minutes to soak in, then lather with moisturizer to help it set in.

Lasts: 5-7 Days | Custom Design Options: No | Water Resistance: Yes

Pinone Full Arm Temporary Tattoo

There’s something about a full sleeve that I love. A little punk, a little rock, and a whole lot of edgy, Pinone temporary tattoos let you embrace what it would be like to have a full sleeve—without the full commitment. And it comes with 12 pieces to experiment with.

Reviewers can’t seem to get over how surprisingly real they look. That’s saying a lot for an extra-large tattoo covering a lot of surface area. Just don’t forget to shave the area before applying.

Lasts: 3-7 Days | Custom Design Options: No | Water Resistance: Yes

Sovereign Gear Temporary Tattoos

Cool, big temporary tattoos are hard to come by. While the designs aren’t revolutionary, Sovereign Gear tattoos are pretty damn solid overall. My eye keeps drawing to a snake, skull, and sword design that has a lot of character.

The great part about a large temporary tattoo is that it really helps you envision what it would be like to cover a large part of your body in a tattoo, like your legs, back, stomach, or bicep. This non-toxic set comes with eight large tattoos, so you can have fun playing around.

Lasts: 3-5 Days  | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes

Hotoyannia Mountain Temporary

Get in touch with the natural world with Hotoyannia temporary tattoos. This set is all things Earth and universe, from planets and animals to beautiful natural mountains scenes. All in modern circular, triangular, or diamond shapes. I could see the hiker, surfer, or any outdoorsy spiritual dude being drawn to these temporary tattoos.

I do wish they lasted longer, but with proper care, you should be able to get a week out of it. As a fun bonus, these tattoos tattoos can also be applied to smooth surfaces like glasses and stationary for a quick craft that would make a unique gift.

Lasts: 5-7 Days | Custom Design Options: Yes | Water Resistance: Yes

henna tattoo on left chest and arm
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What To Look For In The Best Temporary Tattoos 

Design options 

In my opinion, design is the most important decision to make when considering the best temporary tattoos. Do you think it’s cool? It’s going on your body, so you’d better. If you’re purchasing a tattoo set, you’ll need to like a few to make it worth it. Because some temporary tattoo brands like Inkbox and Momentary Ink offer mostly single designs, you’ve got to really love it before you buy.

How long it lasts

Typically, you’re not going to get more than a week out of your average temporary tattoo. You can get up to two weeks with Inkbox and Momentary Ink, however. But not everyone wants a temporary tattoo to last. Perhaps you’ve got work or a wedding, and you need it to fade faster. Gentle exfoliation with a washcloth should remove a temporary tattoo in a flash.


Size matters when it comes to temporary tattoos. Several brands offer tiny, delicate tattoos that are less noticeable at first glance. Some are much larger, which is something to consider if your workplace is a factor, for instance. Sets are great for variety and sharing with friends.

How To Care For Your Temporary Tattoo

You likely won’t get more than two weeks out of the best temporary tattoos, but aftercare is a big determining factor in how long your tattoo is going to last. Moisturizing daily is probably the best thing you can do to keep the tattoo from cracking, drying, and fading. A simple lotion will suffice.

As for showering, avoid exfoliating the tattoo and surrounding skin. Once you get out of the shower, pat the tattoo dry with a towel, don’t rub. You want to keep the tattoo in as pristine condition as possible.

If possible, avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. This is likely impossible if you’re enjoying a temporary tat for a summer festival or concert, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want your tattoo to last.

small temporary dragon wings tattoo on the back
inkbox / Instagram

Final Verdict 

The best temporary tattoo will have a beautiful design and last for at least a week, like those offered by Inkbox. Ideally, you should be able to choose from a range of sizes for different placement areas. Of course, the ink should be safe, non-toxic, and easily come off with exfoliation, if need be.


    • You can use rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to remove a temporary tattoo, though some work best with baby oil. Gently exfoliating the skin also works.

      • None of the temporary tattoos on this list will last longer than two weeks, but there are quite a few parlors that offer semi-permanent tattoos that fade after a year. A simple Google search will help you locate one in your area.

        • At most, temporary tattoos last up to two weeks. Typically, though, a temporary tattoo will last anywhere from 3-7 days, depending on how you care for it.

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