8 Best Glasses For Bald Men To Compliment Your Crown In 2023

Alright fellas, huddle up. This one’s for the follically gifted, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, I thought this was an article about the best glasses for bald men,” don’t worry, you’re still in the right place. You see, being follically gifted doesn’t necessarily mean you have a full head of hair. If you’re bald and—most importantly—properly embracing it, you may as well have hit the genetic lottery.

In other words, it’s a handsome look if played right. The best style of glasses for bald men (and sunglasses, for that matter) depends on the shape of your face, your skin tone, whether or not you’ve got a beard, and the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

To get you started, I’m going to lob my top eight frame picks your way, but the rest is entirely up to you and that gloriously shorn dome of yours.

Key Takeaways 

The best glasses for bald men should not only compliment the shape of your head but also your skin tone, personal style, and whether or not you have a beard. But “rules” aside, it’s all about what you like and what looks good to you.

If you’re looking for a universally appealing pair of glasses that look great and will last for years, the search ends with Oliver Peoples’ Gregory Peck. On the budget end but still similarly styled and built to last, Polo Ralph Lauren’s Ph2083 Round Frames are worth a look.

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Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck

Since its humble Sunset Boulevard beginnings in 1987, Oliver Peoples has created some of the most iconic and sought-after eyeglasses and sunglasses in the world. And since your bald head isn’t just any bald head, I think it not only deserves a pair but requires one.

Handmade in Italy, these classic frames were inspired by the similar pair that Gregory Peck wore in To Kill a Mockingbird. Like a handful of my other picks on this list, the timelessly appealing aesthetic of these specs will look outstanding on almost any head and with almost any outfit. That said, the ideal head shape for the Peck’s circular frame is oval or thin.

Frame Size: 47-23-150mm | Colors: 9 | Face Shape: Triangular, Oval, Thin

Oscar Deen Morris

Oscar Deen is the sartorial brainchild of two friends who found themselves never going anywhere without their sunglasses and thought… anyway, you know how that old story goes. And here we are years later, in the presence of your next pair of sunglasses, the unapologetically cool Morris.

While they’re not the cheapest sunglasses out there, the Mazzucchelli acetate frames are super lightweight, and Oscar Deen offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Which means that instead of worrying about your sunglasses all the time, you’re free to slap on some swim trunks, dip your gleaming noggin in sunblock, and put on a leisuring clinic all year long.

Frame Size: 58-22.7-150mm | Colors: 4 | Face Shape: Triangle, Thin

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Ph2083 Round Frames

These Ralph Lauren frames exude a classy, timeless look that will nicely compliment that hairless head of yours. Contrasting the shape of your head with that of your glasses typically makes for a handsome look. With that in mind, these round frames will look best on you if you’ve got an oval, long, or thin face.

You’ve got a handful of colorways to work with, but I’m partial to Polo’s “Shiny Striped Havana” option, which somewhat resembles a tortoiseshell. Coupled with the glasses’ round shape, it creates an elevated, bookish look without putting too fine a point on it.

Frame Size: 50-20-145mm | Colors: 6 | Face shape: Triangular, oval, thin

Persol PO3050V

Which brings us to the oh-so-important Amazon category. Why so important? Because there are just so many (so, so many) wrong turns you can make in there if you’re not careful. It’s probably best to stay the course and follow the signs straight to Persol’s catchily named PO3050V eyeglass frames.

The rectangular acetate frames feature a UV-protection coating and Persol’s signature arrow. They’re going to look great and serve your round head well for years to come. Yes, the rectangular shape of these beauties will best complement those with circular craniums.

Frame Size: 55-18-145mm | Colors: 5 | Face Shape: Round

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease

Here comes Ray-Ban with the Wayfarer Ease—one of the best glasses for bald men when it comes to thick frames. It’s a classic pair with a classic shape, but the thick frames can either serve as a nice distraction from your bald (or balding) head or draw attention closer to it.

You see this look quite a bit on bald guys with beards. It’s a good look, but a bit ubiquitous (and dare I say expected) at this point. Don’t be afraid to pop these durable plastic frames above a pair of baby-smooth cheeks or to wear them with a tailored suit instead of a roll-neck sweater or denim button-down.

Frame Size: 50-22-150mm | Colors: 5 | Face Shape: All

Garrett Leight California Optical Ruskin

As the son of Larry Leight—founder of iconic glasses brand Oliver Peoples—Garrett Leight knows a thing or two about the luxury frame business. Founded in Venice in 2010, his eponymous brand has since graced the faces of celebrities, cool kids, and you.

No? Not you yet? Let’s work on that by gently nudging you in the direction of Garrett Leight’s Ruskin eyeglasses. No detail was spared in the construction of these tortoiseshell beauties, making them a sturdy, durable option that’ll last as long as your face does. Which, yeah. Let’s hope that’s a long time. The Ruskin’s classic and versatile D-frame will look great on a thin, bald head but will also play nicely with most other head shapes.

Frame Size: 48-22-145mm | Colors: 1 | Face Shape: Thin

Warby Parker Leland

It’s hard to deny the universal appeal of Warby Parker’s impressive lineup of gender-neutral frames and consistently approachable price points. And while it’s nice to keep a rotating stable of anything from gradient-lense or polarized sunglasses to square or browline eyeglasses, you need a staple pair somewhere in there.

Enter: Warby Parker’s Leland. This is a thick, bold frame that somehow draws attention both toward and away from your head. Don’t ask. Just does. The Leland’s semi-rounded, semi-square shape is best coupled with a round head, but at the end of the day, any old head will do just fine. You hear that, heads? Everyone’s welcome to the party.

Frame Size: 52-20-145mm | Colors: 1 | Face Shape: Round, All

Akila Achilles

Based on the amount of attention it gets and how ubiquitous its products are, you’d never guess that Akila is a relative newcomer to the eyewear scene. Founded by streetwear veteran Chris Mart, the LA-based company produces designer looks at “anti-industry pricing.”

The Achilles is one of its more subtle designs but definitely deserves a spot among the best glasses for bald men. As always, its assertive rectangular shape best suits a round head, but you’re working with a pretty classic shape that’s more or less universal.

Frame Size: 51-20-145mm | Colors: 5 | Face Shape: Round

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What To Look For In The Best Glasses For Bald Men

Frame shape

Perhaps the number one factor you should weigh when considering bald-friendly glasses (or balding glasses) is the shape of the frame as it relates to the shape of your face. There’s tons of nuance in here, but generally speaking, round frames are best for triangular or longer faces. Conversely, square or semi-square frames tend to complement round heads. Ultimately, though, what looks best on you is entirely up to you.


The best glasses for bald men are anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition, especially when it comes to their style. From super-thick square frames to razor-thin circular specimens, if you can dream it up, it’s out there somewhere. Think about your face shape, facial hair, skin tone, and personal style before picking a frame.


Comfort can mean anything from how a pair of glasses physically feel on your head to how it makes you feel about yourself. If possible, always try on your frames to make sure they fit your face and that they’re not causing discomfort anywhere. Short of in-person shopping, several companies—Warby Parker, for example—will send you multiple frames to try on at home before making any decisions.

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Final Verdict 

Though no head is created equal, there are a few universal truths when it comes to styling your glasses with your silky-smooth skull. Round head, square glasses, and all that. But if a pair happens to be universally handsome like the Gregory Peck from Oliver Peoples, all the better.


    • What types of glasses look best on bald men depends partly on the shape of their heads. Round heads typically best team up with square glasses and vice-versa. But for the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with rounded-square glasses.

      • Confidence is king and trumps nearly anything a man can do to or put on his body. But if reinforcements are required, making strategic style decisions is a must. Help him out by prioritizing smart outfits that fit well, encouraging good hygiene by gifting him bathroom essentials, and of course, making sure his glasses match his style and the shape of his head.

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