Automatic Door Closer: Closes Doors Gently and Silently

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Are you tired of people leaving your bedroom door open? Well, say no more! With our Automatic Door Closer, you can enjoy peace and quiet and keep your kids and pets safely inside.

Our door closer is like a superhero in disguise, with a powerful 800g pull and the ability to survive 50,000 tests. It’s the perfect solution for any door that just can’t seem to stay closed.

And don’t worry, installation is a breeze. With our Hole-Free Automatic Sensor, there’s no need for screws or drilling. Just stick it on with the included adhesive hooks and watch as your door closes on its own. How cool is that?

Our door closer is built to last, with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials for long-lasting durability. It’s weatherproof and hydraulic for a smooth, quiet closure every time. And the best part? No more slamming doors!

So, if you’re tired of being the door police, upgrade to the Automatic Door Closer and let it do the heavy lifting. Order now and say hello to a world of peace and quiet!

5 reviews for Automatic Door Closer: Closes Doors Gently and Silently

  1. Edward Baumgarten

    My wife kept leaving her closet door open and our dog wouldnt stop eating her lululemon leggings. For ~$10, I thought… why not give this a try. Wow I am so glad I did, it seems cheaply made but has done exactly what. we want it to do, help my loving (forgetful) wife close her door to save her lululemon leggings from being digested and thrown up onto our carpet, by are 1 year old bernedoodle willow.

  2. Leticia Silvestre Monrreal

    La pusimos para q mi perra salga y entre sin ningún problema..!! Y muy fácil de instalar.


    Doesn’t fall off or anything and closes my door good

  4. Ken B.

    I got this for an outside door to our kitchen. Our dogs have figured out how to open that door so it was constantly hanging wide open. This simple solution helps prevent that. It’s super easy to install. Once installed it pulls the door back when opened.The one drawback is that it’s likely intended for light easy closing doors. My door is neither of those so when it pulls the door to close it, it doesn’t get the door seated back in the door frame but it does pull the door to the frame. This works well enough for my use.

  5. JRB

    I am an architect and needed a door closer solution for a metal door where the spring hinges got too old. This did the job perfectly. You need to consider different ways in which it can be installed: on jamb, on door, etc. Also, the distance from the hinge will impact the strength of the closing process. It is a nicely powerful unit and far away from the hinge might be too strong for a light door. In my case, a heavy door, I put it all the way on the swinging end. Also, I am sure I will find many other uses for this around the house. Adding a screw or two might prove helpful but not necessary for my case. The adhesive used is VERY strong.

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