Turn low-tech buildings into smart buildings with self-governing wireless network from NeoCortec

NeoCortec, manufacturer of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules, has recently supplied NeoMesh modules for a project from Nrlyze, a Swedish tech company specialized in optimizing heating and ventilation systems in large buildings. For an old three-storey office building made of 35cm thick brick walls in central Copenhagen they were looking for a suitable wireless network to control the heating system as the building is connected to Copenhagen’s public district heating system and therefore had to fulfill specific requirements regarding the correct temperature drop in the system.

Using NeoCortec’s NeoMesh modules it took only two and a half hours to install 93 temperature and humidity sensors in the building. After being installed in all offices and corridors across the three floors, the NeoMesh sensors automatically connected to each other using the unique self-governing NeoMesh network protocol. No main power cabling was needed as the sensors are battery powered. Immediately after installation, the sensors started to transmit measurement data via the central NeoMesh gateway to the cloud without any need for configuring the network. And, as the NeoMesh network is self-governing, data always finds a way from sender to receiver. The network nodes form an invisible spider’s web of communication channels, and if one communication path is blocked then data automatically just finds an alternative route to its destination.

Explains Lars Hansson, CEO at Nrlyze: “We chose NeoMesh from NeoCortec because it enables our team to quickly roll out a large sensor infrastructure. The network sets itself up and automatically establishes connectivity between the sensors. What makes it particularly easy is the fact that you only need one central gateway to collect all the sensor data and transmit them from the building to the Nrlyze cloud platform. There is no need for repeaters or additional gateways to connect different parts of the network. Embedding the NeoMesh protocol in Nrlyze’s platform has been a smooth and successful process. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with NeoCortec further.”

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